Brian Richards - Clare, MI

"It's amazing how much I can do and see with MyMidMichigan. Everything I need to know is at my fingertips."

Managing Diabetes is Easier with MyMidMichigan

Brian Richards was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several years ago. While he has always worked closely with his physician, David L. Bremer, D.O., to manage his condition, signing up for a MyMidMichigan account has made the job easier. “It’s amazing how much I can do and see. Everything I need to know is at my fingertips,” he said.

With MyMidMichigan, Brian can securely access his health information any time he wants as long as he has an Internet connection. Anyone who had a participating provider can open a MyMidMichigan account to:

  • Check test results
  • View medications, allergies, immunizations and more
  • Request appointments and prescription renewals
  • Get appointment reminders via email or mobile phone
  • Send messages to a participating provider’s office

“I don’t have to wait a week and a half to get the results of my blood work. I can check my account two days after the test and see the same information that the doctor sees,” Brian said. “I can check my weight gain or loss and see if my A1C numbers are trending up or trending down. I know exactly where I stand and I’m better off because of that.”

Brian also has access to several years’ worth of his medical history. Tracking and analyzing this information helps Brian better manage his health. “For instance, if my A1C results a year ago were really good and now they’re not, I can figure out what I’ve done differently. I can look back on at my personal behavior and figure out what changed and what I need to change.”  

“I always jump on the site before an appointment with Dr. Bremer to look and see where I was, and where I am now, so I can be prepared for my visit,” Brian said. “I can find out my test results before going to the doctor, make a note of things to talk about and be better prepared to answer his questions.”

Patients may also download a free app to connect to their account by tablet or mobile phone. “With my phone, I can just jump onto the portal and easily check whatever I need,” Brian said. “If I go in for tests, and I find the results are a concern, I can get in touch with the doctor right away instead of waiting for his office to contact me.”

Brian said it was easy to set up his MyMidMichigan account. “I was one of the first users. They gave us some information at the doctor’s office and my wife, Lori, and I tried it out. It was not at all difficult and I haven’t found any drawbacks. Whoever set this up did a good job. It’s simple to log in and easy to understand. It’s very user friendly,” he said.

“I’m very happy with what they did and how they designed it,” Brian said. “I think everybody should give it a try. It’s pretty amazing what you can see. There are a lot of useful tools available. If people would just give it a try, I know they would like it. Use it once and you’ll be convinced.”

To check whether your provider participates in MyMidMichigan, visit www.mymidmichigan.org/providers.

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