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MyMidMichigan Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I call for help?

For technical assistance, call MyMidMichigan Support, toll free at (855) 476-1298 from 7 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. weekdays or email

If you have questions about your medical information or appointments, call your doctor’s office or send them a secure message from your account.

For prescription refills or renewals, always call your pharmacy first. If your pharmacy is unable to renew your prescription, then use the prescription renewal option in your MyMidMichigan account.

What information will I be able to see in my account?

Patients who have a participating provider will see the following information from their chart:

  • Appointments
  • Conditions
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Results
  • Vitals
  • Documents

Patients who have had a recent stay at one of MidMichigan’s four hospitals will receive a summary of their visit, including demographic information, the reason for their visit, vital signs, any results available at discharge, discharge instruction, and more. This summary will appear under Health Information/Documents.

Who are the participating providers?

Doctors’ offices that are owned by MidMichigan Health, as well as MidMichigan’s four Medical Centers in Alma, Clare, Gladwin and Midland, participate in MyMidMichigan. Doctors’ offices that are independently owned do not participate at this time, even if they are affiliated with MidMichigan Health. For a complete list of participating providers, visit

Why do you ask for my social security number?

We use your social security number (SSN) to positively identify you and match you to the correct patient record. However, we do not transmit or store your SSN on the Internet or provide it to third parties. Only the last four digits of your SSN are used to activate your MyMidMichigan account.

Do I need an email account to sign up?

Yes, you will need access to an email account in order to receive the email invitation to join MyMidMichigan. However, you don’t have to use this same email address for your account login. You will also have the option to receive email alerts from your account, if desired.

What if my family has a shared email address?

You can use a shared email account for your invite, however, each family member will need to establish their own separate login credentials on FollowMyHealth, in order to access their account. Depending on which login option you choose (FollowMyHealth, Yahoo, Facebook, Google or Microsoft), this may require you to create a new email address. Also, if you wish to receive email alerts from your MyMidMichigan account, you may want to consider sending those alerts to a separate email account for your privacy.

What if my email address changes?

You may update your email address within your account. We recommend you do this while you still have access to the old email account, in case you need to do a password reset.

How quickly will information update in my account?

When you visit a provider’s office, a summary of your visit will be available the same day. After a hospital stay, a summary of your visit will be available within 36 hours of discharge. Test results will vary depending on the type of test ordered.

How can I get access to my child’s account?

See Proxy Access for Minors.

Why can’t I view recent medical information for my child who is age 11-17?

Under Michigan law, minors have the right to receive certain types of medical treatment (listed below) without the consent or notification of their parent or guardian. If the minor lawfully obtained health care without the consent or notification of a parent or guardian, the minor has the exclusive right to release information relating to that care. (MCL 333.26263(n)) 

  • Prenatal or pregnancy-related care. (MCL 333.9132, 45 CFR 164.502)
  • Care for a minor child of the minor. (MCL 333.9132; 45 CFR 164.502)
  • Venereal disease or HIV. (MCL 333.5127; 45 CFR 164.502)
  • Substance abuse. (MCL 333.6121; 45 CFR 164.502)
  • Mental health. (MCL 330.1707)

We currently do not have the ability to filter these specific types of information out of the MyMidMichigan account. Therefore, to ensure those portions of the minor's record remain protected, we require the parent or guardian to access their child's record in person or by mail, for children ages 11-17. We hope this is a temporary limitation of the software and that we will eventually be able to apply the necessary filtering to send more information to your child's MyMidMichigan account.

Why aren’t all of my providers showing up on the My Providers list?

The My Providers list shows only participating providers who are associated with you in MidMichigan Health’s electronic medical record. If you have not had a recent encounter with a particular provider or that provider does not participate in our electronic medical record, you will not see them on your MyProviders list. This means you will not be able to send them secure messages through your MyMidMichigan account. However, once you schedule an appointment with a participating provider, they will show up on your list and then you can begin interacting with them electronically. In the meantime, you may call their office.

If you feel your MyProviders list is inaccurate, please call MyMidMichigan Support for more information.

If an independent provider orders a test for me, and I have it done at MidMichigan, will I see the results in my account?

No, test results can only be sent to your MyMidMichigan account if they are verified by a participating provider. If your test was ordered by an independent provider, we will send the results to the ordering provider, who will then communicate them to you.

MyMidMichigan Support

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