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More Life
More Health

You'll notice MidMichigan Health and the University of Michigan Health System are partners when you have more time to enjoy life.

And your first step toward enjoying more life and health is scheduling a health maintenance exam with your MidMichigan physician.

If you're young and healthy with few risk factors, maintenance exams can be a few years apart. As you get older, your doctor may recommend an annual physical exam. Your doctor will guide you according to your needs. 

Health maintenance exams are good for:

  • Checking your blood pressure, and, for women, having a PAP smear
  • Screening for diseases based on your family history, age and gender
  • Updating your vaccinations – an underappreciated preventive health practice
  • Maintaining a relationship, to help identify health risks and so you are prepared in case of illness

Take Your First Step Today

Most physicians will schedule maintenance exams well in advance, because they take a bit more time and attention. Just use the button below to locate your MidMichigan provider’s phone number and schedule a convenient appointment today.

If you don’t have a MidMichigan provider, use our Find a Doctor page to find one that meets your insurance needs and other preferences.

We all want more life, more health. Together with a MidMichigan provider you can build your health for tomorrow.  Connect today.

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