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MidMichigan Doctors See Things Differently

Your health is greatly impacted by what your doctor sees and understands about your condition. At MidMichigan Health, our doctors see things differently.

At times, it is MidMichigan’s commitment to advanced technology that gives our physicians the ability to better see what is going on inside of your body – in order to provide a more accurate diagnosis, perform better surgeries, or achieve better outcomes. At other times, it is our physicians’ years of experience and specialized medical expertise that provides the insight that makes a difference in the lives of patients.

To experience all that MidMichigan Health has to offer, insist on a doctor affiliated with MidMichigan Health. Visit our Find a Doctor page today to learn more about our physicians and to make an appointment. Or call MidMichigan Health Line for personalized assistance, weekdays 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., toll free at (800) 999-3199.

Examples of MidMichigan Doctors Who See Things Differently

Dr. ObeidMidMichigan doctors like Elie Obeid, M.D. see things differently, even when you’re asleep. You may think watching someone sleep is as exciting as watching paint dry, but when monitoring a patient during a sleep study, Dr. Obeid sees activity from sensors placed on the skin of the legs, face, chest and scalp on a specialized computer located in another room.

In addition, most people think snoring is just an annoyance, but MidMichigan doctors see things differently on that point too. In fact, snoring may significantly disrupt your sleep and be a sign of sleep apnea, a serious medical condition. Learn more on our Sleep Disorders page, where you can also take our online sleep quiz or find physicians specializing in sleep concerns.

Dr. IslamElectrophysiologist Nilofar Islam, M.D. sees your heartbeats differently – in three dimensions. Many people are familiar with 3-D vision from seeing movies in the theater. Instead of wearing funny glasses, Dr. Islam sees using a Velocity® 3-D mapping system from St. Jude Medical. The equipment is the first of its kind in Michigan. MidMichigan’s electrophysiology lab, which opened in September 2009, completed a two-year expansion of MidMichigan’s heart program that began with the addition of open heart surgery in Midland in 2007. Now, with the exception of rare procedures such as heart transplant, there’s nothing that can’t be done for your heart at MidMichigan Health.

Learn more about MidMichigan’s cardiovascular capabilities on our Heart page, where you will also find how to request a free CPR wallet card with the warning signs of a heart attack. Visit to find MidMichigan’s cardiovascular physicians.

Dr. PetrellaRadiologist David Petrella, M.D. uses some of the most advanced imaging technology available for seeing inside the human body with a new, 128-slice CT scanner. Computerized tomography, or CT, is a process that allows doctors to see x-ray images of the human body in 3-D, one “slice” at a time. The 128-slice scanner captures twice as many images in the same rotation of the gantry around the patient as the more common 64-slice scanner does. This means the scan takes less time, is less affected by body movements like breathing and offers better resolution of the picture. In fact, the Siemens 128-slice CT scanner can even produce accurate 3-D images of moving organs, such as a beating heart. This advanced imaging technology, available at Medical Centers in Gratiot and Midland, also currently offers the lowest dose of x-ray exposure of any scanner in the region.

Read more about MidMichigan’s efforts to bring low dose, high resolution scanning to the middle of Michigan.

The MidMichigan Difference

"The MidMichigan difference" is an emphasis on quality demonstrated through the expertise of our physicians and our committment to put advanced technology in their hands. This allows MidMichigan doctors to better see what is going on inside you, empowering them to make more accurate diagnosis, perform better surgeries and achieve better outcomes. We invite you to investigate the MidMichigan difference in these ways:

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