Testimonials: WellSport

Jack Miller, PRP Therapy and WellSport Patient.

PRP Treatment Frees Avid Weightlifter of Years of Shoulder Pain

Jack Miller - Shepherd, MI

Husband, Mobile Tool Store Owner, Avid Weightlifter, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment Recipient

"Four weeks after the PRP treatment I regained 50 percent of motion back in my shoulders and by eight weeks I was 100 percent back to normal with no pain."

Kristin Fowler, WellSport Patient

Personalized Care and Support Helped Her Get Back in Shape

Kristin Fowler - Saginaw, MI

Soccer Mom, Church Member and WellSport Patient

"I had a great support team... They're always big proponents of a healthy lifestyle."

Joann Beauchamp, WellSport Patient

Treatment at WellSport Allowed Her to Keep Up Her Active Lifestyle

Joann Beauchamp - Bay City, MI

Mother, Newlywed, Retired Dental Assistand and WellSport Patient

"A year ago I was using a cart the whole time when golfing...now I'm walking and I golfed all season!"

Photo of Deb Bongard, WellSport and Rehabilitation patient.

Marathon Runner is Off to the Races after Physical Therapy

Deb Bongard - Clare, MI

Marathon Runner, WellSport, and Physical Therapy Patient

"They were genuinely concerned about helping me get back to what I love to do."

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