Flight Physical Examinations

MidMichigan Health offers Class II and Class III authorized flight physical examinations at the Midland WellSport location.

Photo of a man sitting in a cockpit of a plane.What to Expect

The testing done during your flight examination will depend on the type of medical certificate for which you’re applying. For example, a second class license requires a more extensive exam than a third-class license.

A medical examination for a person aged 40 or younger includes:

  • A Health History Review (i.e., review of health issues, medications, recent surgeries and mental well-being)
  • General Physical
  • Basic Hearing Test – to ensure you can at a minimum, hear at a conversational level
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Urinalysis – to check for blood, sugar or protein in the urine
  • Vision Screening* – to check peripheral vision, nearsightedness, farsightedness and color vision

*Vision and hearing standards are different for second class medical certificates

Flight Examination Requirements

  • Class II examinations are required for commercial pilots, including business aviation flight crew, crop dusters, aerial advertising pilots, charter pilots, or navigators and first officers of commercial airline flights.
  • Class III examinations are mainly used for recreational or private pilots.

Length of Certification

  • Class II medical certificates are valid for 12 months for use as second-class, regardless of age.
  • Class III medical certificates are valid for five years for people under age 40 at the time of evaluation; two years if over the age of 40.

Following Your Medical Exam

At the end of your medical examination, the Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) will:

  • Approve or deny your application depending on the results of your medical exam
  • Defer your application to the FAA for further processing
  • If denied, you may be eligible for a special issuance medical certificate after completing an FAA deferment process. This could happen if you are on a medication that is not acceptable for flight reasons, but a different drug is or if you were ill or had a recent medical condition or procedure (i.e., heart attack, stroke, etc.) that impacted your medical exam. You may still be approved after being symptom-free for a certain period of time.

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Schedule An AppointmentTo schedule a flight physical appointment, please call (989) 837-9350.

About Daniel Diaz, D.O.

Photo of family medicine physician Daniel Diaz, D.O.Daniel Diaz, D.O., is a family medicine physician with specialized fellowship training in non-surgical sports medicine. He is also an authorized Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide Class II and Class III flight physicals. In addition to providing flight physicals, Dr. Diaz provides sports injury evaluation, treatment and preventive care to athletes of all levels and ages through MidMichigan Health’s WellSport Program. He serves as a flight surgeon in the National Guard.

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