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Weight Management Tailored for You

At MidMichigan, we recognize you as a unique individual with behaviors, physical activity level, genetic makeup and lifestyle all your own. And that’s why we take a personalized approach to weight management. You benefit from our ability to tailor a program specifically for you—with options to help you succeed and learn to manage your weight for the rest of your life.

Medical Weight Management

Combine exercise with changes in diet to start your lifelong medical weight management program. You’ll work with our multidisciplinary team—an obesity medicine physician, an exercise physiologist, a registered dietitian and a behavioral specialist. From initial weight loss to lifelong maintenance, our four plans provide you with a proven path to success.

Get Started Today

Step 1: Watch the video.

Step 2: Review Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 3: Fill out the New Patient Questionnaire and mail, fax or email it to our office.

Step 4: Call toll-free at (877) 709-2598 or email us at, if you have any additional questions regarding our programs.