Electroencephalogram (EEG)

This safe and painless test records the electrical activity of the brain. An EEG can help diagnose, monitor, or rule out some brain problems. For this test, you will relax in a reclining chair while electrodes are applied to the surface of your scalp.  A recording will be made, and results interpreted by a neurologist.

Time:                                                                                                                                  Approximately 90 minutes


Routine EEG

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Shampoo and dry hair without using sprays and/or gels.
  • Continue normal diet and medications (bring a list of your medications).
  • Children should have 2-3 hours less sleep on the night prior to testing, as well as no naps on the day of testing.

24-Hour Ambulatory EEG

  • Same as above, and bring a T-shirt.
  • You will leave wearing electrodes and a small recorder (somewhat larger than a "walkman.") You will be scheduled to return the next day to have the electrodes removed.

Sleep-Deprived EEG

Follow the same instructions as seen in Routine EEG, and:

  • Have no more than 4 hours of sleep in the 24 hours before your test.
  • Do not sleep between midnight and the time of your test.

Neurodiagnostic tests are performed in the Neuroscience Institute, locted on the fourth floor of MidMichigan Medical Offices--Midland (on the Medical Center campus, next to the hospital).

Your Results:
All neurodiagnostic test results will be interpreted by a neurologist, and results will be sent to your physician. If you have any questions about your test(s), call your doctor or MidMichigan's Neurodiagnostic Testing Department at (989) 839-3547.

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