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Tests and Procedures

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER)

This safe and painless test evaluates the auditory (hearing) nerve and brain connections. You will relax in a reclining chair, and a few electrodes will be applied to your head. You will then be fitted with earphones through which you will hear a clicking noise. As the noise travels through the various pathways to the brain, tiny electrical signals from the brain will be picked up by the electrodes and sent to a computer that will record and print out the results. These results will be interpreted by a neurologist.

Time:                                                                                                                                 Approximately 60 minutes


  • Shampoo and dry hair without using sprays and/or gels
  • Continue normal diet and medications (bring a list of your medications)

Neurodiagnostic tests are performed in the Neuroscience Institute, located on the fourth floor of MidMichigan Medical Offices--Midland (on the Medical Center campus, next to the hospital).

Your Results:
All neurodiagnostic test results will be interpreted by a neurologist, and results will be sent to your physician. If you have any questions about your test(s), call your doctor or MidMichigan's Neurodiagnostic Testing Department at (989) 839-3547.

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