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Harper Bartlett, ER Patient, and her mom, Kerry

A Mother's Intuition and ER Doctor Save Baby

Harper Bartlett - Carleton, MI

Emergency Services Patient with her mom, Kerry

"I feel so indebted to those doctors and nurses for saving my baby's life."

Sarah Phelps, Telemedicine Patient

Telemedicine Brings World-Class Care to Local Emergency Department

Sarah Phelps - Midland, MI

Mom, RN Case Manager, Stroke Survivor and Telemedicine Fan

"Telemedicine is the coolest new technology I have seen in a long time. To have that specialist right there with me when I need them was amazing."

Jean Moore, Sclerotherapy Patient

Her Painful Veins Faded Away after Sclerotherapy

Jean Moore - Saginaw, MI

Retired Educator, Active Retiree and Sclerotherapy Patient

"Dr. Shepich did a remarkable job. His entire staff is great. They made the whole process easy for me."

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