Testimonials: Surgical Services

Kevin McCann, LINX Surgery Patient

He's Free from Acid Reflux Pain after Receiving a New Medical Device

Kevin McCann - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Truck Driver, Father, Grandfather and LINX® Surgery Patient

"It's a life-changing procedure...I'm glad I had it done."

Penny Yuncker, LINX Procedure Patient

Acid Reflux No Longer Controls Her Life after new Innovative LINX Procedure

Penny Yuncker - Shepherd, MI

Wife, Mother, Factory Worker and LINX® Surgery Patient

"Going from my severity to being completely cured is amazing."

Jennifer Bahm, LINX Patient

A New Procedure Lets Her Live Without Heartburn

Jennifer Bahm - Crystal, MI

Mother, Hobby Farmer and LINX® Surgery Patient

"I'm not taking any antacids now...I haven't had any acid reflux."

Deborah Whitsel, Vocal Cord Surgery Patient

She's Loud and Clear About Benefits of Vocal Cord Surgery and Speech Therapy

Deborah Whitsel - Gladwin, MI

Dog Trainer, Singer and Vocal Cord Surgery Patient

"The way I control my voice is different now, and i don't sound hoarse. I sound clear. A lot of my clients tell my my voice is clearer now."

Mindi Smith, Endometrial Ablation Patient

Her Energy Is Back After a Brief Office Procedure Provides an Alternative to Hysterectomy

Mindi Smith - Midland, MI

Wife, Mom, Preschool Owner and Endometrial Ablation Patient

"I was surprised that ablation could be done right in the office instead of going to the hospital. I liked being able to schedule it within a week and be there with people that I knew."

Christine Brown, Endometrial Ablation Patient

She Didn't Have to Put Life on Hold for a Hysterectomy

Christine Brown - Birch Run, MI

Busy Wife and Mom, Business Woman and Endometrial Ablation Patient

"Hysterectomy means weeks of recovery and restrictions, but with ablation, I was back to normal activities in a week."

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