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Kim Ladner

Kim Ladner

Loons Baseball Fan and Short-Term Rehabilitation Patient

Midland, Michigan

"MidMichigan Stratford Village is a good place for people who are immobilized and need to get stronger. They have lots of different ways to help."

Spring Training at Rehab Kept Him Independant

Baseball fan Kim Ladner likes to attend every Great Lakes Loons game at the stadium in downtown Midland. Last April, when his multiple sclerosis started to worsen, Kim had some spring training of his own at MidMichigan Stratford Village.

Two weeks of short-term rehabilitation helped Kim continue living independently in his Midland apartment and rooting for the home team all summer.

“I went to the hospital for a week because I was falling a lot and I also had an infection,” said Kim. “Before I went home, they wanted me to get stronger, so I went to Stratford.”

MidMichigan Stratford Village Therapy Manager Brad Clarkson, O.T.R., said Kim had an aggressive rehab program. “He’s a young guy, so our treatment focused on assuring that he could go back into the community and be independent.”

At Stratford, Kim exercised with weights, used an arm bike and exercise bands and walked to build strength. “They also had a Wii® game there, which was a good thing for me,” Kim said. “I did bowling on the Wii, and of course baseball.”

Another consideration for people with MS is to keep from becoming overly tired. Brad said therapists educated Kim about easier ways to care for himself and still get the job done. “For example, instead of standing on the floor and bending over to put on socks, he could put them on while lying in bed,” said Brad. “Kim also learned to use helpful tools, such as a long-handled reacher for taking things down from a shelf. Before long, he was back to what we call a high-independent level.”

While at MidMichigan Stratford Village, Kim enjoyed the social activities offered for patients. “There are a lot of different things to do, like games and sing-alongs,” he said, “and there’s a nice fenced yard where you can get out in the fresh air.”

Back at home, Kim is doing well. “We have pretty long halls in the apartment building where I live, and I walk them twice a day and get stretched out twice a day,” he said. He is also able to ride his power chair to Loons games and do other things like going out to eat with friends and family. “I stay pretty active around here,” he said. And that’s just the way he likes it.

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MidMichigan Stratford Village offers short-term rehabilitation with a specially trained staff devoted exclusively to helping short-term rehabilitation patients reach their maximum potential and return home. For more information, call MidMichigan Stratford Village at (989) 633-5350.