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Driving Evaluation

Lady DrivingA driving evaluation may be helpful if you have concerns about the diminishing driving skills of a family member or friend. The state of Michigan also requires physical evaluation of any driver with a medical condition that may affect driving ability.

MidMichigan's Rehabilitation Services offers a two-part evaluation for those who require this service. This evaluation provides objective information about physical, cognitive and perceptual abilities that may become impaired over time or as a result of illness or injury.

  1. A MidMichigan occupational therapist conducts visual, perceptual and reaction-time tests prior to a driving exam.
  2. A certified rehabilitation driving specialist from Challenged Driver Educators or a State of Michigan driving analyst conducts an on-the-road test.

    Appropriate Candidates*

    This evaluation is appropriate for people whose physical abilities, memory, judgment, visual perception or mental abilities may be impaired due to age, disease, illness or injury. Some example diagnoses are head injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis or amputation.

    Costs, Insurance and Referrals

    This program may be covered by workman’s compensation or automobile insurance, but typically is not covered by commercial medical insurance or Medicare. Please call (989) 837-9100 for current price information.

    Patient Benefits
    MidMichigan's comprehensive driving evaluation offers a more comprehensive evaluation than the state's driving test.  

    If patients take the state's test and fail either the written exam or vision exam, they will not be given the opportunity to demonstrate driving skills. 

    MidMichigan's evaluation covers a larger variety of physical and visual perception assessments than the state's test. 

    Skills such as following directions, orientation and traffic judgment often deteriorate with fatigue. MidMichigan's evaluation can identify these problems and make practical recommendations.

    For More Information
    For referral or additional information, call (989) 837-9100.

    *Unique Circumstances for Dementia Patients
    Evaluating patients diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's disease presents unique challenges, due to greater fluctuations in their driving abilities from day to day. MidMichigan refers these patients to the State of Michigan for an on-road evaluation. Family members, medical providers and others may also request a driver assessment reexamination by submitting a form to the state. There is no charge to the patient for this service.