Back & Neck Rehabilitation

Finally — Relief for Chronic Back & Neck Pain

MedX MachineImagine a life where back pain is no longer a crippling, life-long condition. MidMichigan offers specialized Back & Neck Rehabilitation for people who suffer chronic lumbar or cervical pain and who have tried other treatment methods without relief.

This advanced treatment is specific for the spine, and has been extremely successful in treating patients with muscle spasms, bulging, ruptured and degenerative discs. It has also been very helpful after surgery to return these patients to full function. More than four out of five patients who have completed the program have been successfully treated.

Program Customized to Meet Your Needs

Your physical therapy begins with a specific assessment to determine what movements make your symptoms better or worse. Armed with this information, our physical therapists and certified technicians design a specific therapy program for you.

Your physical therapy program will typically include a combination of MedX® technology and McKenzie™ therapy, supervised by a team of medical specialists devoted solely to the treatment of back and neck injuries.

Advanced MedX Rehab Equipment

MedX is the most sophisticated rehabilitative equipment in the world.  This advanced equipment effectively isolates, tests and rehabilitates injured or weakened muscles of the spine unlike any other equipment available. It restrains the hip, buttock and thigh muscles and stabilizes the pelvis while the patient flexes and extends the spine during rehabilitative exercise.

The McKenzie Method

Also known as mechanical diagnosis and therapy, the McKenzie method is based on a consistent "cause-effect" relationship between mechanical forces and pain response, often accompanied by a change in motion/function. This method helps find the appropriate movement patterns to reduce symptoms of back and neck pain.

McKenzie is a philosophy of active patient treatment that emphasizes injury prevention and provides the patient with lifelong pain management skills.

On Left  

Muscles (in red) isolated and strengthened by using MedX™ lumbar extension machine.

On Right

Muscles strengthened by other back machines and exercise routines that lack pelvic stabilization.

How Is This Different From Regular Physical Therapy?

Muscle isolation is the key to successful back and neck rehabilitation. The pelvis must not be free to rotate during rehabilitation exercise for the lower back. If the pelvis rotates, larger muscle groups such as the hamstrings and buttocks will compensate for weaker low back muscles, leaving them weak and inactive. Isolation ensures that the exercise strengthens the lower back extensor muscles — the weak link. It also allows us to focus our rehabilitation attention on the area of greatest need.

Other forms of exercise and rehabilitation allow the pelvis to rotate when the patient moves from the flexed to the extended condition. At MidMichigan, we isolate and exercise the injured muscles of the back and neck using the revolutionary MedX equipment.

Is Back & Neck Rehabilitation Right for You?

There are occasions when surgery may be necessary for patients with back or neck problems. However, medical experts now believe that even when surgery is required, post-surgical rehabilitation greatly increases the likelihood of a successful operation by reconditioning the surrounding muscles. Your first step is to talk to your doctor about whether this program is right for you and if so, request a referral to MidMichigan's Back & Neck rehabilitation center. Your doctor can call (989) 832-4220,  or fax a referral to (989) 832-4207.

Patient Testimonials

This program has brought relief to many people who had "tried everything" and had resigned themselves to living with permanent back pain. Read their personal stories and learn how this program helped them.

Insurance Coverage

Physical therapy is covered by most commercial insurance plans including ConnectCare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Worker's Compensation. Contact your insurance company to verify whether they cover back and neck rehabilitation. 

Physician Referral and Prescription

You will need a physician referral and prescription before making an appointment. Ask your doctor whether MidMichigan's specialized Back & Neck Rehabilitation program is right for you, or contact Cheri Hitchcock, Physician Liaison at for help with a physician referral.

If you do not have a doctor, you may call MidMichigan Health Line toll free at (800) 999-3199 for assistance in scheduling an appointment with a board-certified physician who is familiar with the Back & Neck Rehabilitation program.


The Back & Neck Rehabilitation is available at 304 W. Wackerly Street in Midland, Michigan. 

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