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Jean Treadway

Jean Treadway

Dance Devotee, Retired Teacher and Rehabilitation Patient

Midland, Michigan

"After the crash, I could hardly move for months. My therapy at Stratford was enjoyable and constructive, and now I can walk, drive and exercise."

Rehab Was the Bright Light In Her Recovery

Jean Treadway taught generations of Delta College students to dance, but when a crash on an icy highway left her with a broken pelvis and other serious injuries, she could hardly move for months.

Short-term rehabilitation at MidMichigan Stratford Village helped Jean, who is 80 and lives in Midland, return to her home and her life.

 “There’s only so much you can do lying in bed or sitting in a chair, restricted from any weight-bearing activity,” said Jean, who retired from teaching in 1993 after 25 years at Delta. “Dance is my passion and movement is vital to my aspect of being alive,” she said. “For a while, therapy was the only bright light in my day.”

Jean was hospitalized in Flint for four weeks after the accident and then went to a Midland convalescent home to begin recovery. Three months later, a pulmonary embolism prompted a second hospitalization – this time at MidMichigan Medical Center–Midland – and Jean was released from there to Stratford Village.

Enjoyable atmosphere

“I liked the therapists at both places, but because I was at a different stage in my recuperation and getting along better, I enjoyed the group work at Stratford more. I was able to socialize, so it was enjoyable as well as constructive. Best of all, on good days, I got to have therapy twice!” 

Once Jean’s pelvic bone was fully healed, she began more rigorous therapy, which she approached with high enthusiasm and the help of MidMichigan Stratford Village’s on-site therapists, who work exclusively with short-term rehab patients. The sessions focused on gradually building strength in her upper and lower body and then enabling her to stand, walk and perform activities of daily living.

“My therapists were delightful. There was even one of my former students on the nursing staff. He gave me a good deal of encouragement,” she said. “I remembered him from a ballroom dance class. He was a good dancer. In fact, I remember we danced an invigorating jitterbug together.”

Getting stronger, going home

“It’s amazing how demanding just walking was after several months in a bed or chair,” Jean said. “I clutched the walker and then went four steps and was exhausted.

“But before long, things began to improve more rapidly. I walked to the door, then down the hall, down to the nurse’s desk, then up and down the steps in the therapy room.”

 After 10 weeks of therapy at MidMichigan Stratford Village, Jean was able to return home and take care of herself independently. “I still have issues,” she said “but I am able to walk and drive, go to my exercise class and work-out at the Midland Community Center. I also go to yoga once each week.”

As she continues to improve, Jean expects to return to more of the activities she enjoyed before the accident.

“I used to go walking in City Forest once or twice a week with my daughter and granddog. I’m working to get back there,” she said. She also plans to get back to warm places like Tucson or Albuquerque during the winter, as she did every winter for a decade before the accident. “I think by next winter, I’ll be ready to tackle that again.”



MidMichigan Stratford Village offers short-term rehabilitation with a specially trained staff devoted exclusively to helping short-term rehabilitation patients reach their maximum potential and return home. For more information, call MidMichigan Stratford Village at (989) 633-5350.