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Simon, Harriet

Harriet Simon

Great-Grandmother and Rehabilitation Patient

Coleman, Michigan

“I would recommend that anybody who has to have therapy try to get into Stratford Village.”

She Got Stronger Every Day at MidMichigan Stratford Village

When Harriet Simon was ready to go home from MidMichigan Stratford Village, she felt good and looked forward to getting back to baking, doing crochet and spending time with her family, which includes 19 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

The 84-year-old Coleman resident had come a long way during her stay at Stratford Village following back surgery. “When I first came, it took two people to get me up and down,” she said.

During about three hours of daily therapy, Harriet worked with a physical or occupational therapist in a flexible program that brings therapy to the patient’s room when they can’t make it to the gym.

Harriet’s therapists were able to break up her sessions if she didn’t feel up to doing everything at once. They were flexible and worked together to help her. “I thought they did a very good job,” she said. “They don’t just let you sit there and wait; one of the therapists would say, ‘How about doing this?’ and show me what to do.”

With therapy every day, Harriet rebuilt her strength and was able to go home in nine weeks. “Now I am walking with a walker, and pretty soon I’ll be walking on my own,” she said. “I’m improving every day.”

A Welcoming Place

Stratford Village features private, homelike surroundings and neighborhoods that include gathering areas where patients and visitors can sit and relax. Even such details as having a call light system, instead of buzzers and lights in the halls, adds to the welcoming, residential feeling.

Harriet liked her spacious and well-furnished room in the Meadowbrook section of the newly renovated facility. She had lots of visitors and appreciated that they could come and go anytime it was convenient and visit comfortably and privately in her room.

“It’s a beautiful place,” she said. “The patients would go to the dining room and eat lunch and supper in a group, and visitors could even stay for a meal. It made the day go faster.”

Her generous-sized room was set up with a small sofa, two chairs and a private bathroom. “Even the smaller rooms are very homey and comfortable looking,” she said.

Harriet’s son Scott said the staff took good care of his mother, and she liked them. “They’re top-notch,” he said. “They met all of her needs; and any questions my brother, sister or I had were answered, any concerns were taken care of.”

In fact, getting to know the family is an important part of what Stratford offers. The idea is that if patients feel safe in a caring, giving environment, they’re able to concentrate on getting better.

Harriet agreed. “Everyone there is kindhearted and good, and whatever your needs are, they meet them,” Harriet said. “They worked together and did a very good job. I would recommend that anybody who has to have therapy try to get into Stratford Village.”


MidMichigan Stratford Village offers short-term rehabilitation with a specially trained staff devoted exclusively to helping short-term rehabilitation patients reach their maximum potential and return home. For more information, call MidMichigan Stratford Village at (989) 633-5350.