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Devante Mitchell

Devante Mitchell

Athlete and Physical Rehabilitation Patient

Coleman, Michigan

"If an athlete is coming off of an ACL injury, I would tell them to consider MidMichigan. They know what it takes to get athletes back to 100 percent. I am proof."

Coleman Athlete Breaks Records After Physical Therapy 

Eighteen-year-old athlete Devante Mitchell of Coleman didn’t let an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury put him off track.

Devante, who recently graduated from Coleman High School, was injured the summer after his sophomore year. He was playing basketball with a group of friends when he jumped up to block a shot, came down wrong and injured his knee.
“I was very active in sports - basketball, football and track - and was bummed about the injury,” he said, “It was going to keep me from playing sports my junior year; but I was determined to get better and play as a senior.”

Devante had surgery on his knee three weeks after the injury and started physical therapy a week later.

“I took this time to focus on repairing my knee,” he said.

During physical therapy at MidMichigan Health Park–Mt. Pleasant, Beal City Schools Athletic Trainer Brian Locke, A.T.C., C.S.C.S., pushed Devante hard to get his knee back into shape and regain range of motion. Devante told Brian he wanted to get to 100 percent.

“The first week of therapy was a little painful because I had been in my comfort zone after surgery, taking it easy and not bending my knee,” Devante said. “I think Brian worked me extra hard because he knew I really wanted to be able to play sports my senior year.”

They started working on Devante’s core muscles first, building his overall strength. “That really helped when it came to the exercises I needed to repair and strengthen my ACL injury.”

Driven by his love for sports, particularly track, Devante focused on healing his injury outside of physical therapy sessions as well. “Brian motivated and encouraged me to do leg lifts, stretches and more work on my range of motion at home,” he said.

After physical therapy, Devante’s determination gave him the ability to soar beyond what he ever thought he could do.

“I was able to run track my senior year, and I even broke the long jump record,” Devante said. The record of 20 feet 11 inches hadn’t been broken for 38 years before Devante set the new record of 22 feet 5 inches. It was an especially significant accomplishment considering that he missed his junior year of track.
Devante credits his comeback to Brian and the staff at MidMichigan Health Park–Mt. Pleasant Rehabilitation Services. “If an athlete is coming off of an ACL injury, I would tell them to consider MidMichigan. They know what it takes to get athletes back to 100 percent. I am proof.”



Physical therapy focuses on preventing and healing injuries and disabilities that affect the capacity to perform normal, daily tasks. For more details about athletic training services provided by MidMichigan, call MidMichigan Health Line (800) 999-3199.