Testimonials: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Logan Chilman, student athlete and Rehabilitation Services patient.

Local Athlete Back on the Court After Injuries Sidelined Him

Logan Chilman - Mt. Pleasant, MI

High School, Collegiate Athlete and Rehab Patient

"Brian is great, he challenged me during PT, knowing I could handle it. He was huge in quickly getting me back to playing again. My experience with him was really outstanding."

Dale Robb, Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient

When Heart Trouble Hit, MidMichigan Helped Him Overcome Great Obstacles

Dale Robb - Alpena, MI

Retiree, Carciology and Cardiac Rehab Patient

"Right away, I could tell it was quite different. If you needed to hear a few strong words they’d tell you, but they were very encouraging."

Cindy Ruble, Speech Language Pathologist

Proper Diagnosis and Treatment are Helping Him Breathe Easily Again

Lennie Schneider - Midland, MI (photo of Schneider's Speech Language Pathologist, M.A., C.C.C.-S.P.L.)

Son, Construction Worker and Pulmonology & Speech Therapy Patient

"Eventually it helped a lot. I feel one hundred times better."

Speech Therapy Patient Fletcher and his mom, Cieara

Specialized Speech Therapy Helps a Young Boy Find His Voice

Fletcher and his mom, Cieara - Ossineke, MI

Active, Happy Brother to Six Siblings and Speech Therapy Graduate

"I want other moms to know that speech therapy works, and that early intervention is best. You know your child best so go with your instincts. Help is available."

Dennis Landosky, Rehabilitation Services Patient

Rehab Therapy Helped Him Regain His Speech, Mobility and Strength

Dennis Landosky - Rhodes, MI

Farmer, Retired Foreman, Family Man and Rehab Services Patient

"They kept on me; they would make sure I was getting the whole treatment."

Darren Askevich, RehabCentre Patient

Rehabilitation Helped Him Recover From Chronic Neuropathy

Darren Askevich - Rhodes, MI

Machinist, Outdoor Enthusiast and RehabCentre Patient

"I swore up and down I was gonna walk out of that place, and I did it."

Patricia Mallory, Rehabilitation Patient

After A Total Knee Replacement, Rehabilitation Got Her Walking Again

Patricia Mallory - Harrison, MI

Mother, Retired Banker and Rehabilitation Program Patient

"I'm getting along better now than I probably have in three to four years."

Cozann Hernandez, RehabCentre Patient

The RehabCentre Helped Her Overcome a Brain Hemmorhage

Cozann Hernandez - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Mother of Five and RehabCentre Patient

"They really helped me out to make me stronger."

Nelda Stuppia, RehabCentre Patient

The RehabCentre Helped Her Find Her Voice Again

Nelda Stuppia - Farwell, MI

Grandmother, Retired School Worker and RehabCentre Patient

"I had excellent care at the RehabCentre. Everybody treated me like I was their mother."

Ed Martin, RehabCentre Patient

With Determination and the Right Therapy Plan, Recovery is Possible

Ed Martin - Midland, MI

Husband, Father Grandfather, Stroke Survivor and RehabCentre Patient

"They are exceptional, compassionate people who take your interests to heart and really care about how you are doing."

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