What to Expect

RehabCentre Daily ScheduleIndividualized Care and Family Involvement

The RehabCentre at MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot offers a physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy if indicated to meet each patient’s needs.

When a patient first arrives, each discipline completes an evaluation using a tool called the Functional Independence Measure (FIM). This enables us to objectively score the patient's abilities in 18 functional areas, so that we can build an appropriate plan of care and measure progress in a meaningful way.

We custom-tailor the plan of care for each patient, to work as quickly and safely as possible toward self-care, mobility, cognitive skills, communication, social interaction and an optimum quality of life beyond the rehabilitation unit.

We encourage family involvement to put patients and families at ease, to assist with caregiver education and for a better transition to home. Visiting hours are flexible, although we ask families to ensure that visiting does not interfere with the patient's therapy and other needs. Ideal visiting times are after 6 p.m.


Patients are attended to by an internal medicine physician who has more than eight years of experience in inpatient rehabilitation and a nurse practitioner. Rehabilitation nurses provide 24-hour care and education. The support and counseling services of a social worker or clergy are also available.

Outcomes and Expectations

RehabCentre OTThroughout the patient's stay, the staff will use the Functional Independence Measure as a tool to determine progress in basic skills needed to live at home. Patients are usually discharged when they attain their goals, allowing them to manage safely in the home or in another community setting. About 80 percent of patients return home or to a community setting.

The length of stay varies with each patient’s condition and needs. It usually ranges from 5 to 26 days, with an average length of stay of about 11 days.

Discharge and Follow-up

Discharge planning includes a careful evaluation of the environment where the patient will be living. Our staff can visit the home and assess a variety of issues ranging from stairs and bathroom facilities to the patient's diet to caregiver abilities. We will then recommend a plan for continuing care, recovery and daily living. We can also provide referrals for assistive devices or equipment, if needed.

If your doctor recommends continuing therapy after discharge, we offer many programs on an outpatient and in-home basis. 

If going home is not an option, our discharge planners can help you select a long-term care facility that meets patient and caregiver needs.