Testimonials: Hip Pain

Photo Janet Eurich.

She Now Realizes it’s Not “Hip” to Wait to Take Action

Janet Eurich - Midland, MI

Mother, Grandmother, OB/GYN Nurse, Gardener, Anterior Hip Replacement Patient

“Now I’m as active as I want to be without pain or worry, thanks to Dr. Lewis.”

Photo of John Bawol standing in his ski bibs with his downhill skis leaning against his right shoulder.

Hip Replacement Keeps Skier Optimistic About Returning to the Slopes

John Bawol - St. Helen, MI

Husband, Fisherman and Avid Skier

"When physical therapy didn’t resolve my issue, Dr. Morse and I agreed surgery was needed. Today my range of motion is back and I’ve been able to hit the slopes again!”

Photo of Bill Diem (and his wife Andrea), Hip Replacement patient.

Thankful for Orthopedic Care Close to Home

Bill Diem - Alpena, MI

Husband, Father, Baseball Enthusiast and Orthopedic Surgery Patient

"I know from experience that our local hospital is safe, top-notch and filled with caring staff."

Matt Smith, Double Hip Replacement Patient

Hip Replacements Return Local Competitive Athlete to His Active Lifestyle

Matt Smith - Midland, MI

Athlete, Trainer, Husband and Orthopedic Surgery Patient

"I'm extremely happy to be pain-free, extremely happy to be active."

Bruce Ohmart, M.D., Hip Surgery Patient, with wife Patsy

Back in the Operating Room - As a Patient This Time

Bruce Ohmart, M.D. - Alpena, MI

Retired Orthopedic Surgeon and Orthopedic Patient

"I was treated very well at MidMichigan. My experiences with surgery and rehab were very good."

James Mackie, Hip Replacement Patient

Walking Pain-Free After Hip Replacement Surgery

James Mackie - Alma, MI

Avid Hunter, Retired Judge and Hip Replacement Patient

"With an outstanding surgeon right here in Alma, why go any further?"

Donald Daroci, Hip Replacement Patient

Advanced Hip Replacement Made His Recovery Easier

Donald Daroci - Roscommon, MI

Retired Roofer Who's Back to Normal Living After His Second Hip Replacement

"My experience was just exceptional all the way around. Considering my age, I think I’ll be able to live a pretty active life again."

Mary Miller, Hip Replacement Patient

A Speedy Recovery From Hip Replacement Surgery

Mary Miller - Davison, MI

Retired Real Estate Broker, Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Joint Replacement Patient

"Major surgery does not have to be a major problem."

Jodi Harbron, Hip Replacement Patient

Joint Camp Helped Free Her From Pain

Jodi Harbron - Midland, MI

Realtor with RE/MAX of Midland and Joint Camp Patient

"After my hip replacement, I was very pleased with Joint Camp. I'm back to doing everything I was before, but now I'm pain free."

Jim Weiss, Hip Replacement Patient

Joint Camp Helped Him Get Back on the Farm

Jim Weiss - Beaverton, MI

Retired Traffic Signal Technician, Hobby Farmer and Joint Camp Patient

"At Joint Camp after my hip replacement, I found out therapy is important. I'm back on my feet now and doing just fine."

Scott Biggs, Hip Replacement Patient

With New Hips, He Runs Pain-Free

Scott Biggs - Midland, MI

Bicyclist, Father of Three and Young Hip Replacement Patient

"This has been a life-changing transformation. I am pain free. You wouldn’t know I’ve had these surgeries unless I told you. Both feel like natural hips."

Dave MacDonald, Hip Replacement Patient

Total Hip Replacement is Winning Play for Coach

Dave MacDonald - Midland, MI

Retire Teacher, Basketball Coach and Hip Replacement Patient

"It just feels so good now to do things I haven’t been able to do."

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