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Testimonials: Ophthalmology

Karen Williamson

Doing Everything She Wants With Clear Vision

Karen Williamson

Retired Nurse, Music Lover and Cataract Surgery Patient

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

"The laser surgery was quick and painless. Now I can see, I read, I do everything I want to do."

Dennis Kreil

Laser Eye Surgery Relieved His Glaucoma

Dennis Kreil

Retired Research Scientist, Volunteer Church Deacon and Glaucoma Surgery Patient

Midland, Michigan

"I’ve been blessed. The impact of glaucoma on my life has been completely benign."

John Bicknell

Surprised by Cataracts at Age 44

John Bicknell

Company Vice President and Cataract Surgery Patient

Clare, Michigan

"The idea that I had to go out of town for this advanced eye surgery was simply not true. Dr. Claringbold's education and experience were outstanding."