General Advantages

Gamma Knife Offers Greater Precision, Less Risk

Compared with other approaches, the Gamma Knife® offers greater precision, lower risk and more comfort and convenience.

More Precise

  • Submillimeter accuracy (+/- 0.3mm)
  • Treats irregularly shaped tumors well
  • Cobalt radiation from 201 individual beams, not wide arcs
  • Patient's head is held in a secure, fixed position throughout treatment 
  • Machinery has no moving parts during treatment that could introduce variability

Lower Risk

  • Noninvasive procedure virtually eliminates risk of hemorrhage or infection
  • Radiation treats targeted area with little effect on surrounding tissue as little as 1mm away
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • Few complications
  • Allows treatment of patients otherwise considered to be at high risk for surgery
  • Allows treatment of otherwise inoperable tumors

Greater Comfort

  • Generally a single treatment
  • Patients experience little discomfort - and no hair loss or surgical scar
  • Short hospitalization time (typically patients leave same or next day)
  • Patients can resume normal activities in 24-48 hours

Lower Costs

  • Overall costs typically lower than for traditional neurosurgery, which requires intensive care,  extended hospital stay and rehabilitation
  • Covered by most insurance plans


Gamma Knife® is a registered trademark of Elekta Group.

The MidMichigan Difference

  • MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland is a leader in neuroscience and cancer care in the state of Michigan.
  • MidMichigan's Gamma Knife Perfexion is the only machine of its kind in Michigan. 
  • Our board-certified neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists are specially trained and experienced in Gamma Knife radiosurgery.
  • Our Gamma Knife Nurses will serve as your personal guide, walking you and your family through each step of the treatment process.
  • MidMichigan is located in Midland, Michigan, a safe and friendly suburban community with easy highway and airport access. It is conveniently located for patients in Michigan and the MidWest.
  • MidMichigan provides hospitality services for Gamma Knife patients including lodging and other amenities. Maps and driving directions are also available.
  • We work with your physician throughout the evaluation and treatment process, and will continue to be available for consultation with your physician during your follow-up care.

Is Gamma Knife Right for You?

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Gamma Knife treats brain conditions with pinpoint accuracy that surgical interventions can’t match. Call our Gamma Knife office to arrange a no-obligation personalized review of your case. Our Gamma Knife Staff can also answer your questions about costs and insurance, treatment, transportation and lodging.

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