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General Advantages

Gamma Knife Offers Greater Precision, Less Risk

Compared with other approaches, the Gamma Knife® offers greater precision, lower risk and more comfort and convenience.

More Precise

  • Submillimeter accuracy (+/- 0.3mm)
  • Treats irregularly shaped tumors well
  • Cobalt radiation from 201 individual beams, not wide arcs
  • Patient's head is held in a secure, fixed position throughout treatment 
  • Machinery has no moving parts during treatment that could introduce variability

Lower Risk

  • Noninvasive procedure virtually eliminates risk of hemorrhage or infection
  • Radiation treats targeted area with little effect on surrounding tissue as little as 1mm away
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • Few complications
  • Allows treatment of patients otherwise considered to be at high risk for surgery
  • Allows treatment of otherwise inoperable tumors

Greater Comfort

  • Generally a single treatment
  • Patients experience little discomfort - and no hair loss or surgical scar
  • Short hospitalization time (typically patients leave same or next day)
  • Patients can resume normal activities in 24-48 hours

Lower Costs

  • Overall costs typically lower than for traditional neurosurgery, which requires intensive care,  extended hospital stay and rehabilitation
  • Covered by most insurance plans

Is Gamma Knife Right for You?

Let us review your case. Talk to your doctor, or contact our Gamma Knife Coordinator by phone, fax, e-mail or postal mail for more information or to arrange to send your records and films for an opinion. We will work with your physician throughout the evaluation and treatment process, and we will continue to be available for consultation with your physician during your follow-up care.

Gamma Knife® is a registered trademark of Elekta Group.