'Neuroscience' and Your Nervous System

Neuroscience is the branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system, including the brain and spine. Neurological problems can cause physical and emotional pain and can impair the ability to think, learn, move, sleep or speak.

Early recognition of a neurological problem can help manage many conditions, and in some cases can even prevent a serious condition such as a stroke.

MidMichigan Health's Neuroscience Institute

Imagine a place where experts reach invisibly into the brain to cure cancer…pinpoint misbehaving neurons to stop tremors…or perform even the most complex back surgeries with less cutting. Now imagine that place is right in your community.

MidMichigan Medical Center in Midland is a Neuroscience Center of Excellence. This designation signifies advanced capabilities and technology exclusive to the top neuroscience institutions in the nation. MidMichigan Health’s team of board-certified experts includes physicians who are fellowship trained in neuro-oncology, electromyography, cerebrovascular research, stereotactic neurosurgery, complex and reconstructive spine surgery, and peripheral nerve surgery.

With these capabilities, MidMichigan physicians go beyond the cutting edge to provide patients with comprehensive care that can change their lives.

What We Treat

Family physicians and specialists depend on MidMichigan Health to help diagnose and treat conditions such as:

Working with our team of neuroscience experts, your doctor can diagnose symptoms and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

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