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  • The Adventures of Baby Celine


Baby Celine

Baby Celine

New baby of first-time parents, Candice and Brian, delivered at MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

"I caught mom and dad off guard by being two weeks early. They drove right to MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot and checked in fast. The staff was calm and knew just what to do; they put my mom at ease. It was like they’d been waiting for us!"

The Adventures of Baby Celine 

“Ready or not, here I am! It’s me, Celine!” Those would have been my first words … if I could talk. Actually, I wailed, but it had the same effect. My mom, Candice, was a first-time mom, so guess what? That means I’M THE OLDEST! HA-HA!

Fortunately, mom was prepared. As soon as she knew I was going to be born, she found Leyla Moossavi, M.D., her obst … obstet … her having-a-baby doctor not far from where we live. (I’m still working on that talking thing.)

Mom and I went back to Dr. Moossavi’s office several times before I was born to make sure I was growing up right. Isn’t that interesting? I started growing up even before I was born.

My mom is also very organized. She read lots about what to expect before and after I was born. Then, about six weeks before I came, she and my dad went to a birthing class at MidMichgan Medical Center - Gratiot. Yep, that’s right. They BOTH went. The nurses said, “Of course dads should be here!” I’m so glad he did. Dads are snuggly. Mine’s name is Brian.

The nurses told mom and dad all kinds of information about having a baby, plus things like where to check into the hospital and what to pack. They even told mom things that weren’t in her baby books.

At the class, nurses from MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot talked about what to expect when I decided to be born. They showed us around the having-a-baby department, the room where I would be delivered and the nice, spacious room where we would all be together, which even had a comfy place for Dad to sleep.

My mom also took a class in breastfeeding at the Medical Center before I was born. I think she got an “A,” because she knew just what to do when I got hungry. I’m her extra credit project!

Hello. Am I Early?

I caught mom and dad off guard by being two weeks early. They drove right to MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot and checked in fast. Everybody was calm and knew just what to do, which helped mom feel more at ease. They took mom and dad right up to the having-a-baby department and right into a room. It was like they’d been waiting for us!

Speaking of those nurses, they’re definitely experts who just LOVE moms and babies! Mom said they were great at keeping her well informed and comfortable, answering all her questions and explaining everything that was happening. In addition to being kind and reassuring, they were true to their word and always followed through. They also helped my dad whenever he needed anything. He felt like they were there to take care of the whole family.

Mom said Dr. Moossavi is a wonderful having-a-baby doctor. When I was born, she smiled at me and checked my five senses. Did you know Dr. Moossavi has more than five senses? That’s right! She has a sense of humor, which mom said helped her feel a bit more at ease with everything.

After I was born, we stayed in the Medical Center two nights. The nurses were there to help me and mom and dad get to know each other and to teach them anything they wanted to know about new babies, like how to take care of my bellybutton, how to give me a little bath and lots of other things.

Being Sociable

Soon I had my first job: entertaining our visitors. I’m the first baby on dad’s side of the family, and he has five brothers and sisters! Right away I mastered social skills such as eyes open, eyes closed, intense stare, vague stare, quiet, noisy and wiggly. I learned even more when I went home to our house in Mt. Pleasant.

As you can see, I’m on my way to being an expert baby; but I’ll never forget where I got my start, in the having-a-baby department at MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot.

MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot's maternity unit believes in a family-centered approach to care. Our maternity center offers individualized attention, a family-friendly visiting policy and a homey atmosphere. We recognize that having a baby is an experience filled with hope, happiness and a lot of questions. Our skilled team will provide reassurance, detailed explanations and quality medical care—during pregnancy and beyond. Our goal is to make each patients’ experience as positive and special as possible.

Our Maternity pages provide a wealth of information to help you prepare for your big day, from finding a doctor to registering for childbirth preparation classes to touring our facilities. For more information, please visit


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