VISITOR RESTRICTIONS FOR OUR MATERNITY UNITS: For your safety during the pandemic, each OB patient is limited to two support persons plus a certified doula. Support persons must be healthy adults wearing masks and must be the same 2 individuals for the duration of the stay. No children will be allowed to visit.

Tours to Help You Feel at Home

Panorama of a Maternity Room at MidMichigan Medical Center - Midland

We want our maternity centers to feel like home to moms-to-be, dads, siblings and the rest of the family. This way everyone involved will feel as prepared as possible for the baby’s arrival.

Take a Virtual Tour

For your safety during the pandemic, childbirth education classes are being provided online and therefore do not include an in-person tour of the unit. However, you can still take a virtual tour and learn what to expect during your stay with us by watching these videos:




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