VISITOR RESTRICTIONS FOR OUR MATERNITY UNITS: For your safety during the pandemic, each OB patient is limited to two support persons plus a certified doula. Support persons must be healthy adults wearing masks and must be the same 2 individuals for the duration of the stay. No children will be allowed to visit.

Maternity Centers in Michigan

We want the birth of your baby to be as comfortable as possible, so we've designed our Maternity Centers with all the technology needed for a safe birth plus all the amenities of home. Located at MidMichigan Medical Centers in Alma, Alpena and Midland, Michigan, our Maternity Centers feature:

  • All-private LDRP birthing suites where you and your support person may make yourself at home throughout all stages of your Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum care
  • Equipment and lighting needed for your baby's birth, including centralized fetal monitoring and other technologies
  • Hugs® infant tracking security system with mom-baby matching
  • A state-of-the art birthing bed that can be moved into many comfortable positions
  • Entertainment system for music, television or videos to help you relax
  • An in-room refrigerator for your personal refreshment
  • Room service for regular meals plus a supply of healthy refreshments for in-between times
  • A separate sleeping space for your support person
  • Dedicated operating room on the unit for planned or emergency c-sections
  • A special care nursery for when your baby requires close observation or additional procedures
  • A waiting room where your visitors can make themselves comfortable

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