VISITOR RESTRICTIONS FOR OUR MATERNITY UNITS: For your safety during the pandemic, each OB patient is limited to two support persons plus a certified doula. Support persons must be healthy adults wearing masks and must be the same 2 individuals for the duration of the stay. No children will be allowed to visit.

Your Personal Breastfeeding Counselors

Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed (or both), MidMichigan Health can provide the education and support you need to feel confident. MidMichigan has certified breastfeeding counselors who provide the following support:

  • Establishing a good milk supply.
  • Getting off to a good start: latching on and positioning.
  • Common breastfeeding problems: engorgement, plugged ducts, sore nipple management or milk supply problems.
  • Ongoing support: pumping, milk storage, going back to work and weaning.

To learn more, please call our breastfeeding support line at (989) 839-3055.

Breastfeeding Counselors

Lynda Bear, R.N. B.F.C. - Breastfeeding Counselor

Lynda Bear, R.N. B.F.C. 

Kelly Lewis,  - Breastfeeding Counselor

Kelly Lewis, R.N.,
B.S.N, I.B.C.L.C.

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