VISITOR RESTRICTIONS FOR OUR MATERNITY UNITS: For your safety during the pandemic, each OB patient is limited to two support persons plus a certified doula. Support persons must be healthy adults wearing masks and must be the same 2 individuals for the duration of the stay. No children will be allowed to visit.

Maternity Services at MidMichigan Health

Delivering More Than You Expect

If you're expecting a baby, congratulations! This is a time filled with hope, happiness and a lot of questions. At MidMichigan, our experienced team will provide reassurance, detailed explanations and quality medical care -- during pregnancy and beyond. Our individualized care begins long before you feel the first signs of labor. And our care continues even after you buckle your new baby into the car seat and head home.

The MidMichigan Difference

MidMichigan's Medical Centers in Alma, Alpena and Midland, Michigan believe in a family-centered approach to maternity care. We recognize that childbirth is important to mothers, fathers, significant others and the rest of the family. So our nurses, physicians and other medical professionals will do everything they can to ensure that your family will have a positive, safe birth experience.

We offer mothers and their loved ones:

  • Individualized attention - It's why our mothers-to-be and their families continually give us high marks on patient satisfaction surveys.
  • Highly skilled nurses - Our nurses are certified in a variety of specialized areas, such as neonatal resuscitation, fetal monitoring and breast and bottle-feeding support.
  • Specialized childbirth units - Vaginal births and births that require additional expertise, such as twins, preterm deliveries, cesarean sections and induced labor, are all performed on the same floor. Labor, delivery and recovery take place in the same room. To promote bonding and other health benefits, babies will remain with their mothers most of the time.
  • A proactive pain-management philosophy - We take each and every patient's pain seriously. That's why we provide several options for managing pain during labor and delivery.  These may include natural relaxation methods, intravenous medications, intrathecal analgesic, and epidural analgesia, as needed.
  • A family-friendly visiting policy - The mother’s support person is encouraged to remain with her as much as she wishes during labor, delivery and after the birth. Grandparents and the new baby's siblings may also visit at any time. We suggest limiting the number of visiting friends and relatives to allow mothers the extra rest and recuperation they need.

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