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Referral Opportunities

When should you refer your patient to MidMichigan?

  • If you suspect your patient has diabetes – MidMichigan laboratories offer blood glucose testing at several locations.
  • When you first diagnose your patient with diabetes – MidMichigan offers patient education and training to help newly diagnosed patients learn to manage their disease.
  • If your patient has been living with diabetes for years – They may benefit from returning to diabetes patient education, to get updates on the latest developments in medication, meters and other new tools to help them better manage their condition.
  • If your patient is at a higher risk for developing diabetes or needs help managing an overweight condition – MidMichigan offers pre-diabetes classes, weight management and fitness classes, and individual nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian.
  • If your patient is having difficulty maintaining normal glucose levels – MidMichigan offers yearly individual updates with patients to fine-tune their care as well as continuous glucose monitoring, to help you assess and adjust your patient’s therapy
  • If your patient’s lifestyle or treatment changes – MidMichigan offers a variety of patient counseling and training, including insulin pump training.
  • If your patient would benefit from an endocrinology referral – referrals may be made directly to our specialists
  • If your patient wants to modify health behaviors to make sustainable lifestyle changes – MidMichigan offers wellness coaching to help them identify their values and strengths to reach their best health and well-being.

Referral Forms

To refer a patient for diabetes education at any of our six locations, download a physician referral form:

Educational Opportunities

If you’re part of the health care team for a person with diabetes, it is important to stay up to date on the latest research, care practices and available services. MidMichigan can help, by offering educational opportunities for area health professionals:

  • Valley Diabetes Symposium – This annual one-day event, hosted by MidMichigan Medical Center–Midland, provides updated detailed information about more effective control, monitoring and treatment of diabetes. Intended for medical professionals from around the state who work with diabetes patients. This program meets criteria for Continuing Medical Education.
  • School Nurse Education – Individual school sessions designed to help school personnel develop a care plan for students with diabetes. Offered on an as-needed basis.

For more information about any of these diabetes educational opportunities for heath care professionals, call the Diabetes Center at MidMichigan Medical Center–Midland at (989) 839-3123 or toll free at (800) 727-3123.

Management Tools

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
This technology, available at the Diabetes Center at MidMichigan Medical Center–Midland, records a patient’s glucose values continuously for three to seven days, with computer downloading of the data for analysis and interpretation.

Sensors are inserted just beneath the skin by a diabetes educator. Patients are taught how to enter exercise, food and blood glucose monitor data at home. The monitor, about the size of a pager, collects blood glucose data for three to seven days. When the patient returns to the Diabetes Center, the sensor is removed and downloaded. A written report is then provided to the referring physician. 

For more information about the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, call the Diabetes Center at (989) 389-3123 or toll free at (800) 727-3123. 

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