COVID Vaccine-Related News & Media Coverage

MidMichigan Makes National News with Unique Story Angle 

MidMichigan Health received much local and national media attention during the month of December with the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine. Reporters focused on the first day of the vaccine, then moved their attention to a unique angle: " MidMichigan Doctor Drives Vaccine to Rural Hospitals.” The story first appeared on the front page of the Dec. 29, 2020, Washington Post, which garnered additional interest from MSNBC, CNN, Fox Business, Good Morning News and Scripps National News. Below are links to the local and national media coverage received thus far on this story angle. A video montage is in development of all of the clips and will be available on the MidMichigan Health shortly:

TV Coverage: First Day of Vaccine Coverage

TV Coverage: MidMichigan COVID-19 Rural Vaccine Media Coverage

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