Transportation of COVID-19 Patients After Hospital Discharge

The CDC recommends taking the following safety precautions when transporting COVID-19 patients in personal vehicles.

Wear respiratory protection

  • Wear a mask.
    • Driver should wear a mask.
    • Patient should wear a mask.
    • If available, patient should wear a face shield.

Limit close contact

  • The passenger should sit as far away as possible from the driver.
  • The bigger the vehicle, the better, to allow distancing. Vans are better than cars since they allow for better distancing between the passenger and driver.
  • Travel with windows open or use the vehicle’s vents for fresh air circulation.
  • Avoid picking up other passengers.

Clean and disinfect

  • Clean and disinfect the vehicle after transporting passengers who are suspected or confirmed as having COVID-19.
  • Follow cleaning and disinfection procedures every time.
    • Doors and windows should remain open when cleaning the vehicle.
    • When cleaning and disinfecting, wear disposable gloves that are meant to be used with the cleaning products as well as a mask.
    • Wear a disposable gown, if available.
  • After cleaning
    • Remove gloves and throw them in the trash.
    • Wash your hands immediately with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol if soap and water are not available.
    • If you did not wear a disposable gown, wash clothes worn during cleaning and disinfecting using the hottest water setting and dry them completely.
    • Wash your hands after handling dirty laundry.
  • Make sure that you remove any cleaning residue (film) from the vehicle before transporting anyone else.