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Rami Safadi, MD

Rami Safadi, M.D.

Interventional Radiologist

Midland, Michigan

"When people can’t walk without pain, everything they do becomes difficult, if not impossible. Many people who come to see me have left work, given up doing what they enjoy, or rarely go out of the house. But life can turn around fast when we are able to use new technology to restore blood flow and reduce or eliminate pain in a patient’s legs."

With Leg Pain Gone, They Get Back to Living

Life is not a walk in the park for people with peripheral artery disease (PAD). It’s not a romp with the grandkids, a little shopping with friends, or a few holes of golf either. In fact, for many people, PAD closes the door on all kinds of activity.

In PAD, fatty deposits (plaque) limit blood flow to the legs, leading to cramps, numbness and pain, swollen ankles and feet, sores that won’t heal and at worst, amputation.

“PAD can have a dramatic impact on people’s lives,” said Interventional Radiologist Rami Safadi, M.D. “They can become withdrawn and depressed. Some people I see with this condition have given up all their normal daily activities and just stayed home. Others have quit working, turned down chances to travel, lost touch with friends or stopped doing hobbies or volunteer work they loved. As with any medical condition, being socially isolated and unable to get any kind of exercise just makes it that much harder to turn things around.”

To help people with these problems, Dr. Safadi has worked at the forefront of the remarkable, noninvasive technologies that have emerged in the past few years for clearing plaque from arteries in the legs. Among these procedures is CryoPlasty®, which freezes and cracks plaque by placing a balloon inside the blocked artery and then filling it with gas at a chilly 10ºF. Another is the Turbo-Booster™ Laser Guide Catheter, which dissolves plaque with cool, ultraviolet light. 

“Successful treatment for PAD can give people back their lives,” said Dr. Safadi. “That’s why I want to do the best I can for these patients. At MidMichigan, I have a better selection of technologies for treating leg pain, so I can choose the method that offers each one the best results.”

Patients often see those results right away. “The procedure, which is minimally invasive, typically takes less than an hour, and recovery usually requires an overnight stay at most,” said Dr. Safadi. “Some people can feel the difference almost immediately and are so thrilled that they give me a hug. It also makes me happy to see these results, because I know that my patient can get back to living.”

CryoPlasty is a registered trademark of Boston Scientific Corporation.
Turbo-Booster is a trademark of Spectranetics Corporation.



Dr. Safadi’s story is just one example of the advanced technology and physician expertise available at MidMichigan Medical Center–Midland. For help finding a specialist who can offer treatment options for leg pain, call MidMichigan Health Line at (989) 837-9090 or (800) 999-3199.