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Keith Schaub

Keith Schaub

Husband, GM Retiree and Cardiology Patient

Alma, Michigan

“Sometimes people think that if you go to a big-city hospital, it’s better; but our local hospitals did a fantastic job." -Nancy Schaub

Seamless Care for Heart Patient

When Keith Schaub of Alma had a heart attack and a collapsed lung, the seamless care he received at MidMichigan Medical Centers in Alma and Midland helped him get through the frightening experience and on the road to recovery.

Keith and his wife, Nancy, who recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, live about a mile from MidMichigan Medical Center–Gratiot. When Keith went to the Medical Center’s Emergency Department with pain in his back left side and shoulder, Nancy was with him. 

“Just a matter of seconds after we got to the ER, they were assessing his condition, and within minutes, they moved him to a trauma unit,” she said. “I can’t say enough great things about Gratiot’s ER. If your family is in trouble, they are on the spot.”

Once Keith was stabilized, he went by ambulance to MidMichigan Medical Center–Midland, where Interventional Cardiologist Kurt Duncan, M.D., performed heart catheterization and placed two stents in one of Keith’s arteries to improve the blood flow to his heart. 

“Dr. Duncan was very knowledgeable and caring. Everyone was really, really nice,” said Keith. “After my surgery, he personally went to Nancy and told her how everything went. They also let her help out with my care, which made her feel better.” 

Keith has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and about a day after surgery, he developed a pneumothorax, a collapsed lung. Air in the chest cavity around Keith’s lung was keeping it from expanding properly. Pulmonologist John Blouman, M.D., who also specializes in critical care medicine, inserted chest tubes to remove the air. 

When Keith, recovering from surgery and still medicated, removed the tubes during the night, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon Akhila Yarramneni, M.D., was also there to care for him.

“I always felt that Keith was being taken care of and that everything was being done that should be done,” Nancy said. The nutritionist even taught in a way that Keith would understand, comparing the heart and lungs to the engine of a car. “I complimented her on the presentation,” said Keith, a GM retiree.

“We are just very pleased with the entire experience,” Nancy said. “Sometimes people think that if you go to a big-city hospital, it’s better; but our local hospitals did a fantastic job. They knew what Keith needed, they were correct, and they had what was needed to care for him.”



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