Testimonials: Cardiovascular Services

The Smith family, Lindsey, Jeremy, Read and Kaylyn sitting on their house porch swing enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Medical Center Delivers Both Her Daughter and Amazing Heart Care

Lindsey Read-Smith - Shepherd, MI

Wife, Mother, Attorney, Small Business Owner and Heart Failure Clinic Patient

“Thanks to the staff’s quick response and the on-going heart care I’ve received, I’ve been able to resume my busy life as a mom, an attorney and a small business owner.”

Photo of James "Sid" Smith tending to his cows on his farm.

Local Farmer’s Advice: Listen to Your Heart’s Warning Signs

James "Sid" Smith - Piegon, MI

Husband, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, and TAVR Patient

"Today, my energy is back and I feel much better. My advice is don’t wait; listen to your heart’s warning signs.”

Photo of Mike Twarozynski enjoying time vacationing in Key Largo, Florida

Thankful and Celebrating Life after a Year Filled With Challenges

Mike Twarozynski - Sanford, MI

Husband, Former Athlete and Vascular Surgery Patient

"I am so appreciative of Dr. Collar and the staff at MidMichigan Health. They saved my life,” he said, “They also gave me excellent, personalized care. They saw that I was motivated and following directions and supported my quick return to work when they knew that I was committed to doing so safely. They continue to help me by putting directions and directives for treatment into context so that I understand the “why” of things"

Photo of Larry Crowley climbing a ladder to get into his boat.

Specialized Therapy Helped Gladwin Man Overcome PAD Pain

Larry Crowley - Gladwin, MI

Avid boater and fisherman, Retired, and Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)  Patient

"My experiences at cardiac rehab were 100 percent positive. I have the greatest respect for the knowledge possessed by the therapists who worked with me, and the way in which they shared it. They are a truly great group of people."

Photo of Benjamin Franklin feeding the Birds in his backyard.

Thankful for the Personalized Vascular Care He Received Close to Home

Benjamin Franklin - Midland, MI

Avid Gardener, Grandfather and Vascular Surgery Patient

"I have seen enough doctors in my life to be able to say that Dr. Constantinou really stood out. He went beyond seeing me as a condition and patient; he was interested in me as a person. That was new to me."

Photo of Bill Schepperly, STEMI patient, with his dog George.

Streamlined Emergency Response Saved His Life

Bill Schepperley - Clare, MI

Active, Avid Golfer and Hunter, and STEMI Patient

"I am so grateful for the local hospital in my small town. Without the Emergency Department at our little hospital in Clare, I never would have made it to the doctors in Midland. I feel very lucky."

Photo of Sandi Skaluba, Heart Failure patient.

Advanced Monitoring System Provides Peace of Mind

Sandi Skaluba - Alpena, MI

Active Senior, Grandmother and Heart Failure Clinic Patient

"If my numbers are too high, the doctors will call and tell me to adjust my medicaiton. It’s a comfort knowing you’re that close to your doctor."

Dale Robb, Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient

When Heart Trouble Hit, MidMichigan Helped Him Overcome Great Obstacles

Dale Robb - Alpena, MI

Retiree, Carciology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient

"Right away, I could tell it was quite different. If you needed to hear a few strong words they’d tell you, but they were very encouraging."

Fred and Marianne McKelvy

After Open Heart Surgery, He and His Wife Were Able to Take the Trip of a Lifetime

Fred McKelvy - Midland, MI

Husband, Father, Retired Software Engineer and Cardiovascular Patient

"They were outstanding both in quality of surgical expertise and the support they gave the whole family."

Mike Sharkey, ER & Cardiovascular Services Patient

A Caring ER Team Rescued Him from a Sudden Heart Attack

Mike Sharkey - St. Louis, MI

Husband, Community Serviceman and ER/Cardiovascular Patient

"You felt that the people working on you really cared...I felt very safe and secure in their hands."

Joyce Walters, Cardiovascular Patient

Expert Care Helped Her Overcome Her Heart Problems and Return to Her Active Life

Joyce Walters - West Branch, MI

Grandmother, Church President, Volunteer and Cardiovascular Patient

"They saved my life, let me tell you that."

Richard LaFramboise, PAD Program Patient

A Team of Specialists Improved His Blood Flow So His Wounds Could Heal

Richard LaFramboise - Auburn, MI

Restaurant Owner, Family Man and Wound Treatment Center & PAD Program Patient

"I've been more than happy with my treatment at Dr. Constaintinou's office."

Tina Raymond and her son, Austin

A Dedicated ER Doctor Helped a Soon-To-Be Grad Get the Care He Needed

Austin Raymond - Gladwin, MI

Recent High School Graduate, Athlete and Cardiovascular ER Patient

"I just want to thank Dr. Maldonado for being there for me… it changed my life."

Donald Schweim, TAVR Patient

When Open Heart Surgery Was Not an Option, TAVR was Available

Donald Schweim - Coleman, MI

Gardener, Retired Computer Technician and TAVR Patient

"The doctors, nurses and staff at the Heart Valve Clinic are great. They saved my life."

Wilson Gay, TAVR Patient

He's Thankful a Complex Heart Procedure is Available Close to Home

Wilson Gay - Midland, MI

Husband, Hunter TAVR Patient

"The physicians are incredible, the facilities are excellent, and they have an exceptional staff. The care I received was simply outstanding."

Carolyn Peterson, TAVR Patient

She's Glad She Followed Her Doctor's advice and Chose TAVR

Carolyn Peterson - Midland, MI

Wife, Mother, Credit Union Retiree and TAVR Patient

"I think the world of Dr. Rizk and I'd recommend him to anybody. I don't think I could ever find a better doctor."

Jerry Lynch, Watchman Procedure Patient

Advanced Procedure Provided New Hope for His AFib Treatment

Jerry Lynch - Freeland, MI and Ruskin, FL

Husband, Golfer, Daughters' Favorite Handyman and Recipient of a Watchman Implant

"For other people who meet the criteria for the Watchman procedure, I would tell them go for it and not be afraid. It has just been fantastic for me."

Dan Romes, TAVR Cardiovascular Patient

He Found Great Health Care Near His New Home

Dan Romes - Harrison, MI

Retired Civil Engineer and TAVR Patient

"All nine people who were going to be involved in my surgery came into pre-op...I could tell they are truly a team."

Brenda Coe, TAVR Patient, and her husband Bert

For Patient with Parkinson's Disease, TAVR Procedure Was A Life-Saver

Brenda Coe - Alma, MI

Wife, Mother, Grandmother and TAVR Patient

"We had a really positive experience with the people at the Heart Valve Clinic. They have done so well by us."

Joe Brozzo, TAVR Patient

Innovative, Less Invasive Heart Procedure Available Close to Home

Joe Brozzo - Sanford, MI

Retired Engineer, Rotarian, Boy Scout Leader and TAVR Patient

"Do what you need to do and get the help you need."

Ron Leigeb, TAVR Patient

A Special Heart Procedure for a Special Patient

Ron Leigeb - Midland, MI

Husband, Father, Outdoor Enthusiast and TAVR Patient

"For me, there was no downside to this surgery."

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