Testimonials: Heart Failure

Photo of Sandi Skaluba, Heart Failure patient.

Advanced Monitoring System Provides Peace of Mind

Sandi Skaluba - Alpena, MI

Active Senior, Grandmother and Heart Failure Clinic Patient

"If my numbers are too high, the doctors will call and tell me to adjust my medication. It’s a comfort knowing you’re that close to your doctor."

Photo of Ed Hutchison, Heart Failure Clinic patient.

Specialized Clinic Has Helped Him Manage Heart Failure

Ed Hutchison - Midland, MI

Active Senior, Family Man and Heart Failure Clinic Patient

"The friendly and supportive staff are excellent at partnering with patients and helping them maintain good heart health."

Laura Sayers, Heart Failure Clinic Patient

She Gained 'A New Lease on Life,' Thanks to Heart Failure Clinic

Laura Sayers - Coleman, MI

Active Senior and Heart Failure Clinic Patient

"It feels so good to feel good again."

Dexter Wilson, Heart Failure Clinic Patient

Working Hard to Keep His Heart Healthy

Dexter Wilson - Prudenville, MI

Active Retirees and Grateful Clients of the Heart Failure Clinic

"The people at the Clinic keep us really well informed. Anytime I’ve asked them a question, I get a clear answer."

Jim Perry, Heart Failure Clinic Patient

Heart Failure Clinic Gives Sanford Man a Second Chance

Jim Perry - Sanford, MI

Construction Worker, Husband and Heart Failure Clinic Patient

"In the hospital, they told me that 20 years ago, with the problems I had, I wouldn’t have been around, but now I have my second chance."

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