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Testimonials: Heart Failure

Laura Sayers, Heart Failure Clinic Patient

She Gained 'A New Lease on Life,' Thanks to Heart Failure Clinic

Laura Sayers - Coleman, MI

Active Senior and Heart Failure Clinic Patient

"It feels so good to feel good again."

Dexter Wilson, Heart Failure Clinic Patient

Working Hard to Keep His Heart Healthy

Dexter Wilson - Prudenville, MI

Active Retirees and Grateful Clients of the Heart Failure Clinic

"The people at the Clinic keep us really well informed. Anytime I’ve asked them a question, I get a clear answer."

Jim Perry, Heart Failure Clinic Patient

Heart Failure Clinic Gives Sanford Man a Second Chance

Jim Perry - Sanford, MI

Construction Worker, Husband and Heart Failure Clinic Patient

"In the hospital, they told me that 20 years ago, with the problems I had, I wouldn’t have been around, but now I have my second chance."

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