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Nina Jensen

Nina Jensen

Cancer Survivor

Midland, Michigan

"The people who did the radiation were super-kind, truly wonderful. I still get a hug when I see them."

Cancer Treatment Gave Her A Winning Hand

Nina Jensen was receiving care for a stroke at MidMichigan Medical Center–Midland when tests revealed that she also had cancer in her right lung. The 77-year-old Midland resident is an avid card player, but this was one hand she didn’t expect to be dealt. Swift action by Medical Center physicians and staff, using MidMichigan’s excellent treatment capabilities, kept her in the game.

During four days in the Medical Center, Nina had therapy for her stroke and recovered well, continuing exercises at home. Almost immediately after the cancer diagnosis, she started radiation treatments under the care of Radiation Oncologist *Rajesh P. Kotecha, M.D.,* and chemotherapy treatments with Medical Oncologist and Hematologist Ahmed Abdel-Maksoud, M.D.

“They got onto it right away, so I never had time to be afraid,” Nina said. “The people in the office were organized, and everything was well planned. They were also good at explaining everything.”

Treatments Never Slowed Her Down

In the seven weeks of treatment, Nina never slowed down or felt depressed. During chemotherapy at the Infusion Center on the Medical Center campus, she relaxed in the home-like setting as she looked out of the room’s oversized windows at the tranquil, wooded view.

“The chemotherapy never made me sick,” said Nina. “They gave me medication for nausea, but I didn’t have to take it. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. It was actually a joy to go, because there were so many wonderful people. I did lose my hair, but it’s coming back.” Two of Nina’s four children took her to chemotherapy at various times. “They thought the care I was getting was priceless.”

Nina also had radiation treatments at the Medical Center in Midland.

“The people who did the radiation were super-kind, truly wonderful,” she said. “I still get a hug when I see them.”

Nina saw a lot of her doctors. “They were fantastic; so kind and loving I hated to give them up. Every Monday, Dr. Kotecha would follow up on what was happening. He would get so excited when he could see progress. It was the same with Dr. Maksoud. Everybody was like that.”

“This has been quite a year,” said Nina, who also had cataracts removed since finishing her treatments. “I not only had a good experience at the Medical Center: I got well.”



Nina Jensen's story is just one example of MidMichigan’s advanced technology and expertise for cancer treatment and rehabilitation. If you or a family member has been diagnosed with cancer, ask your doctor for a referral to a MidMichigan surgeon or oncologist, or call the MidMichigan Health Line for a physician referral at (800) 999-3199. Online, visit or