Self-Tests for Colon and Uterine Cancer Risk

Take this self-test to determine if you may be at risk for inheriting colon or uterine cancer.

Check the risk factors that apply. If you check one or more, take the self-test to your physician or contact MidMichigan's breast health coordinator for help in interpreting your risk factors. This telephone consultation is free of charge.

At least three family members with colon or rectal cancer

At least two successive generations with colon or rectal cancer
Two family members with the disease are first-degree relatives (i.e. - parents, brothers, sisters or children) of another family member with colon or rectal cancer
At least one family member affected at or before age 50
Any family members known to have HNPCC-related cancers
If you have had colon cancer and have a first-degree relative with HNPCC-related cancer or adenoma, with one of you diagnosed before age 50
HNPCC-related cancer in two first-degree relatives regardless of age
Individuals with early-onset colon or uterine cancer regardless of family history

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