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  • Photo of Angela Wilxox, Bariatric Surgery Patient with MidMichigan Health.

    Bariatric Surgery Was the Tool to Her Weight Loss Success

    "If you follow what they tell you, you will be successful."

    Angela's Story

  • Photo of Cathleen Conley, Bariatric Surgery Patient.

    Breaking the Cycle with Bariatric Surgery

    "I took charge and I'm never going back."

    Cathleen's Story

  • Photo of Steve Laney, bariatric surgery patient with MidMichigan Health.

    After Bariatric Surgery, He Can Keep Up with His Busy Lifestyle

    "I'd just tell people not to be scared...I'd recommend it to anybody"

    Steve's Story

  • Photo of Laura Ferguson, Bariatric Surgery Patient at MidMichigan Health.

    Bariatric Surgery Helped Improve Her Health, Energy and Self-Esteem

    "I couldn't believe how well I had done in inches and weight."

    Laura's Story

  • Photo of Jennifer Dietlein & Debra Keister, Bariatric Surgery patients at MidMichigan Health.

    Mom & Daughter Weight Loss Success Inspires Others

    "We feel great! We have more energy and fewer restrictions."

    Jennifer & Debra's Story

Bariatric Surgery: Weight Loss Surgery in Michigan

With MidMichigan’s Surgical Weight Management Program, qualified patients who have been unsuccessful in the past with traditional weight loss methods find new hope. Research has shown that, with surgical assistance, patients typically lose 60 percent of excess weight in the first year following bariatric surgery. Even better, 90 percent of problems such as diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and depression are resolved or controlled. Weight loss surgery has the potential to save lives. 

If you meet these criteria and have struggled to lose weight, bariatric surgery may be an option for you.

The MidMichigan Difference

MidMichigan Health's bariatric surgery program is part of a comprehensive weight loss program featuring:

Top-rated Hospitals

Expert Qualifications

  • Experienced laparoscopic surgeons who have completed more than 3,000 surgeries, one of whom has completed a fellowship in advanced laparoscopic surgery.
  • Surgery support and recovery staff trained to meet the unique needs of bariatric patients.

Dedicated Facilities

  • All private rooms.
  • Specially equipped for bariatric surgery patients.

Assistance with Insurance Pre-qualification

  • Staff well-versed in insurance plan requirements.
  • Assistance with documentation to qualify for reimbursement.

Outstanding Support to Help You Succeed 

  • Dietary Support - Registered dietitians help you adjust your diet to optimize weight loss.
  • Fitness Programs - Discount fees, state-of-the art equipment and certified experts help you exercise safely after surgery.
  • Support Groups - Lifelong encouragement and support to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Procedures Offered


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