Testimonials: Mental Health

Pictured left to right: Louise St. John, R.N., Michelle Lucchesi, M.A., and Will Thomas, M.A., and who all work closely with local psychiatrists, therapist and primary care providers for extended patient care.

Daily Therapy Program Gives Man New Outlook

Terry Leiter - Remus, MI

Husband, Father, Retired Technical Writer and Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Patient

"The staff at MidMichigan really helped my outlook. I was feeling overwhelmed by bad luck and circumstance. Now, I can more easily enjoy the little things in life.”

Shirlee Finch, Partial Pscyh Program Patient

A Unique Program Helped Her Regain Control from Emotional Hardship

Shirlee Finch - Crystal, MI

Wife, Retired Teacher, Ironman Triathlete and Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Patient

"It wasn't just the medications - we were actually working on different lifestyle changes."

Missy McNeil, Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Patient

She Overcame Her Challenges with All-Day Therapy and Nights At Home

Missy McNeil - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Wife, Mother, Small Business Owner and Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Patient

"When I came in, I was scared and desperate...8 work days later, I walked out with a spring in my step."

Photo of Rebecca Hamilton, Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Program patient.

A Unique Outpatient Program Helped Her Regain a Healthy Mental Balance

Rebecca Hamilton - Lake Isabella, MI

Wife, Mother, Church Children's Director and Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Patient

"They helped me so much and they gave me the tools I needed to manage anxiety and depression."

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