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Psychiatric Services Guide for Appropriate Levels of Care

Inpatient Care

Outpatient Partial Care

Office-Based Care

Medical Director

Close management on a daily basis by psychiatrist.

Close management on a weekly basis by psychiatrist.

None required.

Intensity of Therapy

24 hour, seven days a week provision of service in a sheltered setting.

Six hours of treatment, five days a week in a supervised setting.

Frequency of treatment varies but is usually one hour per week.

Professional Services

Psychiatrist, therapist, nursing, activities therapist (either occupational, recreation or music therapist). May also require medical doctor/specialist, neuro-psychologist.

Psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, registered nurse. May also include mental health worker, activities therapist.

Psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist.


Can return to previous living situation or may need partial hospitalization or outpatient therapy. Average length of stay is three to seven days.

May or may not need outpatient therapy. Average length of stay is two weeks.

Dependent upon diagnosis, average length of treatment is three months.

Additional Psychiatric Programs

Geriatric Assessment

Outpatient assessment and referral source for everyone involved in the life of an older person who is facing quality changes which can cause confusion, disorientation, depression, mood swings, social withdrawal or thoughts of suicide. The special generations team includes a psychiatrist, a physician specializing in internal medicine, a social worker, a psychologist and, if needed, a neuropsychologist.