Inpatient Mental Health Services

A Reassuring Choice

When inpatient psychiatric care is required, MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland offers a reassuring choice. Our Inpatient Mental Health unit provides a quiet, comfortable environment with experienced staff and an outstanding reputation. Treatment programs feature flexible combinations of structure, activities and support to help patients achieve stability and move toward recovery.

This is a secure unit accepting both voluntary and involuntary admissions of patients 18 years of age and older.

The MidMichigan Difference

How to Refer a Patient

For all non-Medicaid voluntary admissions, call our 24-hour admissions access line at (989) 839-3690. A nurse will assist you with the admissions process.

All non-insured and Medicaid patients must first be screened by the Community Mental Health Authority where they reside. We work regularly with Community Mental Health agencies form around the state to facilitate Medicaid admissions to our unit.

Involuntary admissions (those patients who require a petition and certification prior to arrival) should be sent to the nearest hospital emergency room or local Community Mental Health Authority. Staffs at these sites are trained to handle involuntary admissions to our unit.


MidMichigan accepts a range of commercial insurances, including Blue Cross, APS, and ConnectCare as well as Medicare and Medicaid. To discuss specific insurance verification, ask our admissions access line to transfer you to our insurance specialist, or call (989) 839-3000 pager 238, during normal business hours.

Contact Information

  • 24-Hour Admission Access Line
    (989) 839-3690
  • Kathy Bruzewski, RN BSN, Insurance Specialist
    (989) 839-3000 Pager 238
  • Mickey Dexter RN, BSPA, Nursing Director
    (989) 839-3775