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Geriatric Assessment Program

MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot offers Special Generations, a geriatric assessment program, to address older adults' mental health needs. Life's progression can cause our bodies to adjust in ways that causes memory deficits, gaps in concentration, mood swings, and confusion. Commonly, the assumption is that dementia is a part of aging and that little can be done.

Those participating in Special Generations are provided a one-day comprehensive evaluation designed by a psychiatrist and tailored to each individual patient, which includes a:

  • Psychiatric evaluation to determine the impact of symptoms and whether medication can be effective to resolve or reduce symptoms
  • Medical examination by a doctor of internal medicine to assess such things as cardiac status, pulmonary effectiveness and other physical conditions which could complicate brain function
  • Lab tests to determine if the body's chemistry is in need of adjustment
  • CT imaging of the brain to assess for undetected strokes
  • Psychosocial interview, performed by a therapist specializing in the needs of older adults
  • Neuropsychological testing to define strengths and weaknesses

Once all test results are reviewed, a comprehensive report is compiled which addresses each of the patient's complaints with both the findings and recommendations for improvement. Also included are recommendations for achieving the highest level of independence while maintaining a safe environment.


For referral information call (989) 466-3304 or (800) 392-7652.


MidMichigan accepts a range of commercial insurances, including Blue Cross, APS, and ConnectCare, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. To discuss specific insurance acceptance, call (989) 466-3304.