Mental Health

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Mental illness is a medical condition, much like heart disease or diabetes. It can be caused by childhood trauma, chemical imbalances in the brain or other biological, environmental, social and cultural factors. More than 30 million Americans are diagnosed with mental illness each year. It equally affects men and women, young and old, rich and poor.

Patients and families can turn to a specialist for treating mental illness, just as they would for other medical problems. Treatment typically combines psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy helps the patient understand the illness, learn how to deal with any problems it causes and make positive changes in life. Correcting chemical imbalances with medication enables most people who receive treatment to stop suffering and lead satisfying lives.

The MidMichigan Difference

  • Choice of settings tailored to specific needs - including psychiatric inpatient care, outpatient care, office-based care and geriatric programs.
  • Experienced, certified experts - including board-certified psychiatrists; doctoral-level, masters-level and certified psychologists and therapists; and specialty trained nurses.
  • On-site access to both psychiatric and medical experts - inpatient programs in Alma and Midland enable treatment of both psychiatric patients who have medical complications and medical patients who have psychiatric complications. We screen patients for other health problems at admission and make appropriate referrals to treat any conditions that may impact recovery.
  • Quiet, comfortable facilities with private and semi-private rooms, attractive surroundings and helpful amenities.
  • Shorter average length of stay and low readmission rates in our inpatient programs.
  • Private, convenient locations - Midland and Alma are small, pleasant, easy-to-navigate cities with convenient hotels and services for visiting family and friends.
  • Flexible treatment options combine one-to-one experiences, group interaction and personal attention.
  • Individualized treatment programs address the patient's special needs and problems, including relationships with family and friends, work issues and general medical concerns.

More Information

  • Support Groups: The HOPE Portal, powered by 211 Northeast Michigan, is a web-based resource connecting people to the help they need in a just a few clicks. Visit the HOPE Portal or call 211.
  • Literature: You may want to check the Psychology/Mental Health sections of your local bookstore.