Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

A Special Way of Caring

MidMichigan Home Care provides skilled services, hospice care, home infusion and more related home health services to patients throughout northern and the middle of Michigan.

MidMichigan Home Care volunteers and donors provide the additional generous touches and resources that help to ensure patients' dignity, comfort and sense of fulfillment. 

Volunteering Has Its Rewards

Volunteers report that working with MidMichigan Home Care patients provides its own special rewards, including:

  • Fulfillment from helping those in need
  • Being part of a professional, dedicated health care team
  • Education and understanding about illness and death, including the Hospice philosophy and the impact of illness on family dynamics
  • Development of friendships
  • New skills, such as listening, communication and office skills
  • Ongoing inservices and education
  • Education regarding how to help people going through difficult times
  • Experience as a volunteer
  • A better awareness of the services the MidMichigan Health family has to offer

Your Gifts Help Others

It has been a long-standing tradition at MidMichigan Home Care to serve everyone in need of essential services, regardless of ability to pay. Serious health problems may sometimes be accompanied by financial difficulties or lack of insurance. Donations make it possible for patients to receive services, medicine and supplies that are critical to their care. There are many ways you can help provide these services for community members who do not have the means for such care.

Make a Donation

Help improve patient lives and health care in your community. Donate to MyMichigan Health Foundation, MyMichigan Home Care or a MyMichigan Medical Center of your choice today:

Donate Now

If you have questions about donating, please contact us at (989) 839-1932.