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Tim Sassin, Pharm.D.

Tim Sassin

Pharmacy Resident 2008-2009

"The residency is very flexible and personalized, so you are able to get out of it what you want."

Pharmacy Practice Resident Valued Flexible Program

Tim Sassin, Pharm.D., took his clinical skills, confidence, communications and critical thinking to new levels during his Pharmacy Practice Residency at MidMichigan Medical Center–Midland.

The year-long program accepts just one resident and seeks out those who are committed to patient care and becoming a lifelong learner.

“It is very flexible and personalized, so you are able to get out of it what you want,” said Dr. Sassin. “For example, I went into the residency not knowing whether I wanted to focus more on outpatient or inpatient care.”

Within the requirements of the program, Dr. Sassin’s preceptors helped him choose experiences that helped him determine his direction. “In a program with four or five residents, there would not be that flexibility.”

At first, Dr. Sassin worked closely with his preceptors every day. Over time, he transitioned to a more independent role, consulting with the physicians in the Family Medicine Residency Program at the Medical Center, leading topic discussions and teaching visiting pharmacy students.

Making a difference for patients has brought Tim the most satisfaction.

“It’s always patients first,” he said, “and forming a relationship with them is important to having them take your advice. I always take the time to go over medication with a patient. When I see them a couple of months later, and they tell me they remember what I said and it made a difference, that’s nice to hear.”

Relationships at MidMichigan were a positive part of Tim’s residency.

“The Medical Center is big enough to have a diverse experience, but not too big. Everyone is open, friendly and easy to get along with,” he said. “That’s important from a personal standpoint, but also for patient care. Having a good rapport helps us serve patients better.”

Tim also found Midland a pleasant place to live.

“It’s a nice, safe, fun place with a lot of culture and opportunities for recreation,” he said. In fact, he enjoyed the whole experience so much, he decided to accept an invitation to stay on at the Medical Center after graduation.

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