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Raelinda Richardson, Medical Technologist

Raelinda Richardson - Breckenridge, MI

"The doctor is basing each patient’s therapy on our results, so we take that extra step to apply human insight to the technology."

I Make a Difference in Patients’ Lives

I work in the lab, testing blood samples and other specimens. We use a variety of test tubes. The color of the lid indicates which test will be run on that specimen.

Everyone in the lab brings unique skills to the table. Working together, we get accurate results back to the doctors in a timely manner. Doctors choose to practice here at Gratiot because we have state-of-the-art instruments and top-notch employees.

Our tests are automated, but we review the results to make sure they make sense for a particular patient. That’s where the expertise of our staff comes in. The doctor is basing that patient’s therapy on our results, so we take that extra step to apply human insight to the technology.

I love my job because I believe it’s important. I need to be at work today. Doctors, patients, and other staff are all depending on me. It doesn’t do any good to draw a patient’s blood if someone’s not in the lab to test it.

It’s people like Raelinda, her professionalism and her devotion to patients that you’ll find inside MidMichigan Medical Center – Gratiot - people with skills and compassion.

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