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Valerie Stamm

Valerie Stamm

New Mother of Twin Boys and Home Care Recipient

Alma, Michigan

"Our Home Care nurse was heaven sent! She was so knowledgeable and comforting. Just to see her smiling face when I was so tired was amazing."

Young Mother of Twins Finds Peace of Mind From Home Care Nurse

Valerie Stamm never thought that she wanted children, until she met her husband, Ike.

Valerie said, “I told Ike that we would have such cute babies that it would be a shame not have at least one.”

So, in September 2009, the couple began trying to conceive a child. Six weeks later, they learned that they were six weeks pregnant. At 12 weeks into the pregnancy, they learned that they were expecting twins and at 18 weeks, they learned that the twins were boys.

Things went well for the couple until week 33, when Valerie learned that the babies were not gaining weight. An amniocentesis was ordered, but upon trying to complete the diagnostic test at 34 ½ weeks, it was determined that there was a critically low level of amniotic fluid and the test was impossible to perform. The decision was made to admit Valerie to the hospital to undergo a caesarean delivery of the twins, in hopes that the babies would gain more weight outside of the womb than they were in the womb. Everything went well and on April 27, 2010, Jacob and Brody Stamm were born at 6:45 and 6:46 p.m., respectively.

The babies were kept in the neo-natal unit until May 18, when they were finally allowed to go home. Once at home, MidMichigan Home Care nurse Shelli Watson began weekly visits to assess the babies and ensure that they were gaining weight.

Valerie said, “Our Home Care nurse was heaven sent! Shelli was so knowledgeable and comforting. Just to see her smiling face when I was so tired was amazing. She would encourage me so much. Knowing that a professional was checking on my babies and assuring me that they really were gaining enough weight was so comforting. Even though she helped the boys get healthy and strong and helped me and Ike get ready to do it on our own, I miss her incredibly!”



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