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Security Poles and Grab Bars

A Gift of Independence  

If Mom or Dad is a bit unsteady or suffers muscle weakness, a security pole offers independence and peace-of-mind.

Ease the Challenge of Standing and Stooping

Security Pole and Grab Bar from MidMichigan Home CareSecurity Poles from MidMichigan Home Care ease the challenges when stooping or standing to performing everyday tasks like:

  • Loading the washer and dryer.
  • Standing up from the couch, bed or toilet.
  • Putzing around in the garage or hobby table.

For around $180 these make a great gift that shows you care.

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Watch a Video Demo of the Security Pole

Purchase a Gift of Independence Today

Visit a MidMichigan Home Care showroom and purchase a gift that will be used day after day, year after year. Or call toll-free at (800) 862-5002

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