Construction Facts

The MidMichigan Medical Center–Midland expansion required approximately:

• 12,500 cubic yards of concrete, equal to 1,390 truckloads

• 29,500 square feet of exterior brick, or 50,000 bricks

• 30,000 sheets of drywall

• 9 miles of pipe

• 422 dump truck loads of dirt moved during excavation

Scout - MidMichigan Health Mascot• 104,500 pounds of rebar for concrete reinforcement

• 47 miles of electrical wire, not including telephone or data wire

• 728,000 man-hours of field labor

• 952 days of construction

• 15-250 workers on-site 

There were no work site-related injuries during the project. 

On signs throughout the campus, the friendly face of Scout, MidMichigan’s construction mascot, helped visitors travel to where they needed to go. Campus parking lots and roads were also reconfigured. Wellness Drive was extended, and became the Medical Center’s new address: 4000 Wellness Drive, Midland, Michigan 48670.